Manufacturing Questions:

Can Decimal Engineering provide RoHS compliant parts?

Since August 2005, Decimal Engineering has been shipping RoHS compliant parts to electronics customers in the European Union. When applicable, we work closely with all outside vendors to ensure RoHS compliant parts.

Do you have any minimum volume requirements?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING’s investment in automation allows us to provide short lead times for production volumes. When the set up cost is amortized over the volumes run, this may drive up the pricing of smaller quantity production jobs. Because of this, DECIMAL ENGINEERING typically has production runs exceeding 100 units. Quite often, these volumes are significantly higher. This is not a firm rule, as other factors can play a role, such as the size and assembly of the sheet metal parts required.

Do you powder coat finish in house?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING outsources our powder coating requirements. We utilize a very reputable finisher in the area that is at our facility daily delivering finished sheet metal components and assemblies.

Do you provide the stock raw material for production?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING maintains a minimum level of stock material for the majority of our sheet metal fabrication services. We typically order raw material cut to a specific size to maximize the material utilization and minimize waste in our fabrication process.

Does Decimal Engineering have an equipment list?

Decimal Engineering continually invests in new capital equipment and continues to add equipment to meet customer needs and support growth. For a current equipment list please click here.

Does Decimal Engineering have laser cutting capabilities?

Decimal Engineering provides cost-effective laser cut parts to customers.

Does Decimal Engineering have local sales representation to handle our account?

Decimal Engineering has a network of independent account representatives strategically located by geography and market segment. Customers located outside these areas are handled by an internal sales staff.

Does Decimal Engineering work with raw aluminum extrusions?

Yes, Decimal Engineering sources the raw extrusion. Once the extrusion is received, Decimal Engineering can manufacture and finish your project. In addition Decimal Engineering offers stocking programs so you can take the completed extrusion when needed not all in one delivery.

How does Decimal Engineering monitor quality?

Decimal Engineering quality management systems are certified and registered in compliance to ISO 9001 & AS9100.

What do you mean by “Decimal Engineering is a one-stop shop?”

Decimal Engineering can offer you:

  • Engineering and design
  • Prototype production
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Pipe and frame fabrication
  • Aluminum extrusion fabrication
  • Laser cutting & marking
  • Certified welding
  • CNC machining (vertical, horizontal, & 9-axis mill/turn)
  • CNC turning
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Tool & die repair
  • Custom tooling (stage or progressive)
  • Metal stamping
  • Wire EDM
  • Powder coat finishing
  • Sourcing of anodizing, electroplating, and wet paint finishing
  • Inventory stocking and management
  • Packaging and shipping

Decimal Engineering’s complete capability provides customers a cost-effective metal fabricating supply chain partner that assures shorter lead time, quicker turnaround, and cost-effective product with the required quality. Call us today to start your project.

What does Decimal Engineering do?

Decimal Precision is a full-service metal parts manufacturer specializing in Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Wire EDM. Decimal’s diverse profile of work serves the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Security, Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer, Automotive & Marine industries. We are in tune with the quality requirements of these industries, from exacting tolerances to special finishing requirements.

What kind of inventory systems or stocking management programs does Decimal Engineering offer?

Many production customers take advantage of our inventory management systems for finished goods such as Kanban, Max/Min, and Demand Flow Technology (DFT).

What programming capabilities does Decimal Engineering have?

Decimal Engineering utilizes both Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks as our front end CAD applications. We can use either to provide design services to our customers as well as our internal operations. Decimal Engineering is capable of handling other CAD formats including Pro-E, Catis, Unigraphics, Parasolids, and STEP.

Quality and Technical Questions:

Do you warranty your work?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING produces sheet metal fabricated parts according to drawings and specifications provided by our customers. We provide a limited warranty for a period of twelve months after receipt of your product. We can provide a copy of this Limited Warranty at your request.

What factors do you look at when deciding whether to laser cut or punch a part?

The geometry of the sheet metal part to be manufactured typically determines whether the part is best suited for laser cutting or CNC punching. Special tools needed to run in the CNC turrets can be eliminated if utilizing laser cutting, although laser cutting may require more machine time and possibly more cost. These special tools may be justified if the production volumes are high. Sometimes finishing restrictions necessitate the use of the laser or the CNC punch. In all circumstances, DECIMAL ENGINEERING would quote the lowest overall cost for production, given the specifics of the part to be manufactured.

Administrative and Payment Questions:

How do you process blanket orders?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING can work with a variety of systems in expediting orders. Some of our customers utilize KanBan releases, some require us to log into their websites for purchase order releases, others release via their own internal processing system. Blanket orders typically are for annual requirements of sheet metal components and assemblies. The release dates can be communicated by the customer for the entire term of the order but they don’t need to be determined at the front end. When DECIMAL ENGINEERING receives a blanket purchase order, we communicate with our customer to determine what their release quantity will typically be and we agree upon a safety stock quantity that will be available immediately after a release. Customers are notified of our lead time to replenish stock inventory so that they can adjust their quantities accordingly.

What are your payment terms?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING’s payment terms Net 30 or ½% discount for net 10. Variations to these payment terms would need to be discussed and approved by your sales representative prior to fabricating your sheet metal requirements. DECIMAL ENGINEERING is able to accept credit card payments at our customer’s request or to get an initial production order shipped while awaiting credit approval. EDI payment can also be arranged.

What information do you need to process an order?

In order for DECIMAL ENGINEERING to process your sheet metal fabrication purchase order, we need to have a purchase order e-mailed to sales@decimal.net or faxed to 954.975.7994. Included on your purchase order should be your billing address, shipping address, part number(s) ordered including revision code if applicable, quantity ordered per part, requested ship date, and any special finishing requirements. We may ask for a current drawing of the part(s) ordered. If this is the first sheet metal production order for your company, we will request a credit application to be filled out and we will promptly notify you of your credit status. We will acknowledge receipt of your purchase order and confirm the delivery date within 24 hours of receiving a purchase order from your company.

What information is needed to set up a credit account?

A Credit Application needs to be completed, requesting basic company information, vendor references and bank information. For tax exempt sales we also request a Certificate of Resale Form along with a copy of the Resale Certificate. Credit applications depend on the timeliness of vendor responses. We will notify applicants of their credit approval as soon as it is processed.

What is your return policy?

DECIMAL ENGINEERING produces sheet metal fabricated parts according to customer drawings and specifications. We produce these parts only when we have a purchase order. Since each order is customer specific and we have no other market to sell these items, DECIMAL ENGINEERING cannot accept returned items unless the parts do not conform to customer specifications. If that should occur, DECIMAL ENGINEERING will rework or replace the nonconforming parts. DECIMAL ENGINEERING will need to be contacted prior to returning parts so that we can assign a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). We may only want to have a small sampling of parts returned to make our assessment. Once we receive the items, we will notify you how and when we will provide parts that meet your specifications.