Decimal Engineering has once again added to its World-Class Quality department with
the purchase of The Keyence IM-8000. Quality Manager Curtis Wright said “The IM-8000
will be able to handle the overflow to Decimal’s Quality department that already features
Mitutoyo Bright A710 CMM, Virtek Laser Scanning System, TESAHITE 700, Mitutoyo
Surface Measurement System, and Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Comparator”

The IM-8000 rotary unit allows for 360-degree measurement capability on both turned
and machined parts. It is also fitted with a 20-megapixel CMOS Sensor and a new
algorithm for stable edge detection. It’s screen is larger and features enhanced resolution.
It’s ideal for small machined parts.

The IM-8000 can handle standard measurements, such as OD/ID, length, and angle with
also being able to perform symmetry, plane measurements, flatness, cylindricity, coaxiality,
and run-out while delivering data visualizations, including roundness graphs. This makes
it suitable for parts with complex geometries which Decimal produces daily. It’s integrated
probes can also measure features at specific heights or act as an automated height gauge.

The IM-8000 will be able to measure more than 300 dimensions per program, the system
starts to measure automatically, as soon as the parts are placed on the stage.
Dimensional measurements can be achieved in as little as 1 second, and up to 100 parts
can be measured simultaneously, reducing measurement time.

No experience is required to operate the system, which requires the operator to place a
component and push a button. Measurement points are
automatically identified, meaning consistent measurement results are obtained each time,
regardless of the operator increasing productivity.

Decimal Engineering is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and
productivity. The IM-8000 will help keeping Decimal Engineering making your metal
parts better!


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